• Urine Diverting Coupler - NH-Coupler
  • Urine Diverting Coupler - NH-Coupler
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The Nature's Head Drain Spigot fits snug on the spout of the bowl. This spigot enables you to drain straight from the toilet into a waste tank or outside. A 1/2" ID x 5/8" OD vinyl tube can be used to fit snuggly onto the spigot barbs. It does fit very snug so you may have to work with it to press it on.

There are two O-Rings inside of the spigot to help fill gap and assure that no urine will leak through. The knob on the side can be used to tighten the spigot on the spout. 

A great fit for anyone tired of using a bottle or just wants to simplify their life.