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For Years we have discussed with our Customers the possibility of building a smaller version of our Composting Toilet. Something that might allow it to fit into smaller spaces and applications where maximum capacity is not the biggest concern. Applications include Pocket Cruisers and Day Sailors, Conversion Vans, smaller Campers, and Tiny Houses. Applications where it might be necessary or desirable to place it under a bunk, in a cabinet, or spaces with limited headroom.

While we have named our newest product the “Weekender” it certainly won’t be limited to just weekends. With a Urine Tank capacity rivaling our competitor’s “full size” offerings, while maintaining the ability to contain up to a couple of weeks of continuous use in the solid waste chamber, the “Weekender” is sure to impress! To top it off we have retained all the most popular features of the full-size Nature’s Head including our ability to separate the liquid and solid wastes and even our full-size molded-in seat!

The Nature's Head Weekender comes with a 12V plug. If you will be using your Nature's Head with 110V power, you will need to add the 12V transformer/adaptor to your order. Mounting brackets, fuse, fuse holder, agitator, handle, inside vent flange, and 5 feet of venting hose with attached ends are all included with the toilet.

Note: If you need a hose longer than the standard 5 foot hose that is included with the toilet, add the additional number of feet to your cart and you will receive the length you need (Example: if you need a 7 foot hose, add a quantity of 2 feet of hose to your cart and you will receive one 7 foot hose with your toilet)

COVID-19 Update: Due to the COVID-19 crisis, a spray bottle will NOT be included in your order.

If you are ordering from Canada, please contact one of our distributors listed here

Electric Power Usage: The fan pulls 1.68 amps in 24 hours at 12 volts. You will have to purchase our 110V power adapter separately if you only have 110V.

Total Height: 17 inches

Total Overall Width: 18 inches

Gross Empty Weight: 26 lbs.

  • Toilet - white granite color
  • Liquids bottle with cap
  • Inside vent flange
  • Foot Spider Agitator handle
  • Allen wrench to install spider handle
  • 2 mounting brackets with knobs and screws
  • 18" single pin cable for 12 volt fan hookup (fan is mounted onto toilet at time of assembly)
  • Fuse and fuse holder for the 12 volt application
  • 5 feet of 1 ½” hose
  • Installation and User Guide
  • Warranty Card