What might I need to install Nature's Head ...

... for my Tiny House or Cabin Installation

If you are using 110 volt house power, you will need our wall transformer. If using 12 volt, batteries and/or solar, the toilet comes with the necessary parts. Our PVC vent assembly is an easy way to vent through the wall or floor.

.... for my RV, Camper, or Motorhome

The mushroom vent is an easy way to vent through the side or roof. The PVC vent is good for through the floor venting. You may already have an existing vent to which you can connect. If you will be plugged in to electric 110 V power, you will need the transformer.

... for my Sailboat or Motorboat

For venting, you can use the mushroom vent for cabin side or roof. If plugging in to 110 V shore power, you will need the transformer.


The Nature's Head carries a five-year warranty from date of purchase. If you are in need of additional, or replacement parts such as a fan, gasket, or agitator, please contact us directly at sales@natureshead.net. Please include your date of purchase, telephone number, and shipping address.